May 13, 2006

American petanque in Provence (1)

The tourist season in Provence is in full swing.

This week I started with my annual petanque sessions. The first group was a lovely bunch of students from UK - University of Kentucky in Lexington KY. They caught on very fast and we had a lot of competitive fun. As you can see, some even rushed out of the shower to join in!

They promised they would look up the website of our friends at LSU for inspiration.
Anything we can do to get a college league going, we're on.


Jeppy said...

Great news and photos!

I'm sure they'll find it easy to join up with (or START) a Petanque Club in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

That's definitely a nice photo!

It looks like she-- I mean your group-- had a good time... wish I was there to help you in the instruction.

Looks like everyone was having fun.