March 8, 2006

Who's playing when?

La Boule NY came up with a smart idea. They play in 3 different parks in Manhattan: Bryant Park, Central Park and Washington Square.
It is always nice to know who else is going, where, and around what time as to coordinate.
Now, instead of looking up the numbers of your buddies, trying to get hold of them, or leaving voice mail messages, and wasting a lot of time, you can quickly go online, and enter your time and place. Click on the image to see what it looks like.
And here's the page: at the Parks
Quoting Ernesto, their webmaster:

You may not see any entries right now, but last weekend it worked well. 14 of us ended by playing in Bryant Park, instead of Washington Sq. Park.
I figure as long as a handful of people use it, it will be useful. I don't expect everybody to put their name down, even if they see it. When the season starts it will be useful for our "regular" Wednesday night sessions and if the weather is questionable. At least that's how I see it.
The list groups people under Today, Tomorrow, and Day After title. (It's doesn't matter what order you signed up). But these titles only appear if someone actually puts themselves in for one of these days. So you can have a listing like this:

Bryant Park
ernesto 12pm -
without a Today or Day After. If then someone signs up for today. It will look like this.
Bryant Park
Jim 3pm-6pm To practice.
ernesto 12pm -

And at midnight it will automatically throw out "Today" list and make the Tomorrow list into Today, etc.

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Tom van Bodegraven said...

What an absolutely brilliant idea. This looks well executed and beautifully simple. I Agree, if just some of use it and find it good, it should be deemed a success. Cheers from New Zealand.