March 21, 2006

La Marseillaise 2006

The official poster of La Marseillaise 2006 has been published.
July 2 to 6, with a total purse of 150,000 Euros (around $ 180,000).
La Marseillaise is by far the largest petanque event in the world, open to anynone. Every year the number of participants increases. In 2005 there were 12,960 - thus 4,320 triplets. In a direct elimination format, of course.

Some years ago I made a live report about the finals. That's where I met Marco Foyot for the first time. High time for an update in 2006!

Alec Stone Sweet wrote an article about 2005, with interesting inside info since he took part himself.

Interested? A bit of a puzzle to find the online sign-up sheet, but here it is, this year also in English, and you can now pay by credit card:

Only 15 Euros ($ 18) - which includes a lot of goodies they give to all participants.

More tidbits about La Marseillaise on this blog in the coming weeks.


Jeppy said...

That looks like an incredible event. And to think, it's not even really marketed such that people in America even know about it.

Do they have DVD video of this?

Petanque America said...

You're absolutely right. For a petanque player, it's a blast.
As to marketing: this is the first time there's a signup form in English. Credit card payment I think was installed last year. Two things I have been advocating for years. Very glad it's happening!
DVD: I'm trying to get old footage, if not will definitely get some this year.