March 30, 2006

Chicago Petanque Club

Daniel Danielson and his new group of petanque friends are gearing up for spring play.
They have made attractive fliers to spread the word in the Midwest. Click on the image to zoom in.
We will definitely include them with any orders of boules we ship to that area.

Chicago Petanque Club


Jeppy said...

Yes, we too (Detroit & Michigan Petanque Clubs) are excited about the Chicago Petanque Club. Joe and I are planning on making a visit to Chicago and see how well they play!

diveborabora said...

I'm definitely excited about having another close neighbor petanque club! I think it's great! I think we offered our help to them in the fall to get their club going, but by the great look of their flyer, they're well on their way to a successful club! Just give us the piste # and time, and we'd love to join you!

Anonymous said...

À mon cousin plus préféré au monde, vous devez mettre à jour votre emplacement 'pour tomber 'jeu. :)