February 28, 2006

Small world ...

Last Friday we got an e-mail from someone stationed at the 21st TSC in the Kaiserslautern area (SW Germany): he had just discovered the game on vacation and wanted to continue playing asap. Could we mail petanque sets to an APO box?
Of course we can and do so regularly but - given his location and the time the boules would take to reach - we did some research and directed him to a store close by so he could start playing right away.

Todays' reply, 3 days later:
Thank you so much. I went to the Decathlon store in Sirling Wendel, France, just across the border. I got a set of 3 Boules (competition) and 8 Boules for play with friends. I am looking forward to playing this wonderful game as often as I can. Thank you for all of your help. I enjoy your website.

Score: Sales 0 - Petanque 13 !

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