December 5, 2005

Bastille Day petanque tournaments

Going through our picture archives I found this colorful poster of our last Bastille Day Tournament in Brooklyn.
What a day! 135 triplet teams, on a limited amount of courts, in a one-day competition. Things got inevitably delayed to the extent that unfortunately we had to stop the final game halfway under pressure from the police department: normal trafic and bus routes had to be restored, "now"!

Jack from BarTabac was at the Miami Open: actually he came second in the consolante with his friend Laurent Brunacci (the one with the bright yellow shoes..) from Pit Stop Cafe in Brooklyn.
We all agreed that in 2006 we (a) have to start earlier, and (b) need a lot more courts.


Jeppy said...

Well rest assured... with my team playing, we'll lose QUICKLY! Giving enough time for a loooong final.

-Detroit Petanque

SLIDER said...

Geoff and I, founding and sole members of the Fenway Petanque Club in Boston, MA, are looking forward to the chance to redeem ourselves on the petanque courts...Miami was an eye-opener (starting with getting whooped by Jack and Laurent, 13-3!), but we are now a force to be reckoned with! Or at least that's what we keep telling ourselves...


mod'ern said...

I think the key is to make sure you hire people to spread the sand and gravel. It was a sad sight seeing the old guys Jeannot and Hans doing hard labor. But funny. Of course, I had to finish my Ricard before I could help.

LeMistralClub said...

You guys of the Fenway Petanque Club, we've got a tournament coming this weekend in your back yard. Come and play!