November 14, 2005

Open results

It was a bit complicated to get online during the weekend, but here we are back again.

Two beautiful sunny days. A bit of breeze to cool us off. Excellent atmosphere. There were a total of 72 teams from all corners of the country and a lot of new friendships developped. More about that later.

Let's start by annoncing the winners:

1. Jean-Pierre Jardinet & Michel Faurant (FRA/FRA)
2. Alec Stone Sweet & Yacob Nour (USA/CAN)
3. John Rolland & Roger Arpaia (USA/CAN)
4. Peter Mathis & P.J. Mallette (USA/USA)
5. Raymond Nielsen & Phimprapha Nielsen (USA/USA)
6. Gerard Gallianio & Marc (CAN/CAN)
7. Juan Garcia & Mamary Colibaly (USA/MLI)
8. Guy Labouyrie & Michel Crouzillat (USA/USA)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulation to Juan Garcia and John Rolland they are local Florida Players that made it to the top 8 teams. Way to go and a big VIVA FOR FLORIDA PLAYERS.