November 30, 2005

Lake Anna teams, boules & blues

Who can forget the musical quartet from Lake Anna, Virginia?
(better known as 'Smiley' for obvious reasons), Gary, Randy and Tim discovered petanque only this spring while in the French Caribbean and got hooked right away. Now going by the name "Team Dockside" they also surprised us with an impromptu guitar & harmonica performance at Friday night's dinner.
This picture does not do them justice because for once they are not smiling - but it's the only one we have so far.
They still have a bit of fine tuning to do in the petanque department, but when it comes to close harmony, rythm, major 7 and augmented 9 chords, they were the outright champions of the Open. Only Smiley, the bass player, couldn't bring his 'tool of the trade' but we'll make it a point to set him up with a bass next time around.
Whenever they hold a tournament in Lake Anna, we're going!


Randy said...

We enjoyed the open and the wonderful people we met at South Beach. Everyone treated us like part of the crowd even though we were newcomers. We came away winners just by the experience of it all. Thanks Phillippe and Mario.

Randy from Georgia
Team Dockside

Anonymous said...

One of the Nicest teams and right away good friends, I hope that I'll see you again in the near Future.


Jeppy said...

...and Smiley's 80 mm bronze boules gave me a new understanding and appreciation for using a "large boule" in shooting...

Anonymous said...

'Smiley' (Glen doesn't do you justice), Gary, Randy and Tim... I loved meeting you guys too. And my advice to you in starting petanque in WV, and what I stress with everyone in my club: Remember that your in the "FUN" business, and petanque just happens to accentuate it. It wouldn't quite be the same if there were a bunch of grumpy people out on the piste! Keep on going with the great music playing, and keep petanque fun in West Virginia, and we'll see each other at the next tournament!

Joe Zajac
Michigan Petanque