November 28, 2005

German team report

On behalf of the German Petanque Federation, Alex Bauer presented us with one of their pretty embroidered pennants. It received a prominent place in our office and we hope it will be the start of large collection in years to come.

From the report he posted yesterday on their Club site we can conclude he and his teammate Manfred had a great time in Miami. It's in German of course but even if your German is rusty, the pictures alone are worth a visit. Very nice of them to mention our friend Aaron, now a Florida resident, who used to play in Munich. Of course they had some friends in common.

A bit of disappointment their end in that - although they won 7 out of 8 preliminary games - they did not make it to the quarter finals. Indeed, the format was unusual for certain reasons, and not the norm in traditional competitions in the US. The fact that Alex and Manfred's hotel room was on top of a bar that blasted music until 5:30 AM on Sunday morning did not help either...
Of all the teams that came, they had the longest flight. We're certainly glad they made it!


Anonymous said...

How can you win 7 of 8 and not make the next round? Did all finalist teams have better records than that?

Anonymous said...

Well, The first day you had three games in the morning and two games in the afternoon. Depending on how many games you won on saturday you would qualify for Sunday. All the teams that won 5 to 3 games qualified for Sunday.
On Sunday the qualified team would pick random position to play three more games to see which team would be the 8 team to go to the quarter finals. Sunday you started a second stage that had had nothing to do with Saturday weather you won all 5 games or got in with just winning 3 games. Because we don't have a ranking system for players or teams and the event was random some teams had to play against team that had never played in a Petanque Tournament as in the opposite side there where really good teams that had to play against 5 or 4 teams on Saturday that are consider excellent teams. What we tried to do has give everyone as many chances to do well in the event as possible. We do not have a perfect system of scoring and we do want to hear from players about different ideas about how to run the event in a better and more fair way for all the teams. So if you have ideas let us know we love to hear from anyone with ideas and we will take them into considerations.
In the case of our anonymous question I hope we have answer the question for you and if you have more questions or ideas please get in touch with us directly we love to hear from you. Our direct line is 1-800-682-2557 ask for Mario or e-mail us at

Best Regards
Petanque America