October 15, 2005

Texas team with gifts!

Another state to add to the list.
Ken Larson and his teammate are flying in from San Antonio, TX.

Ken is also a photographer and is contributing a few of his beautiful, framed 11" x 17" prints to the prize basket. Like this one. Thanks!
Ken's pétanque experience is typical of a lot of players in the US.

"I've lived in Texas now for 15 years, prior to that Germany for almost a decade, and grew up in Northern Minnesota before that. I ran across petanque for the first time in one of my many trips to southern France, in the Arles area. I was immediately intrigued, and have played since then, off and on. It was my good fortune almost 5 years ago to run into the group I play with here in San Antonio. A great group of guys, and we've another neighboring club in New Braunfels against and with which we play from time to time. Petanque lives on here in Central Texas!"

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