October 12, 2005

Team arrivals

Arrival times are coming in. Below some of the replies.
It seems we'll see plenty players training (and studying each others' tactics) on the beach already on Friday. Great!
This is a sample of the beach surface. Hard & compacted, with a thin layer of fine sand and shells here and there.

Thanks for your update. Our team plans to get into Miami Thursday evening and leave on Tuesday. Looking forward to it.

Message received ok. We are arriving Thurs evening, so we'll be around for check-in on Friday.
We'll be arriving Friday afternoon and are leaving Monday morning. Looking forward to seeing you.
We (the germans) will
arrive with the same plane like the french guys! Arrival: 10 Nov 2005 AF 090 - 14:45 - Miami, Miami Intl (MIA ), USA Retour: 15 Nov 2005 AF 095 - 17:40 - Miami, Miami Intl (MIA), USA
We are arriving from CA early Thursday
morning. Looking forward to seeing you.
Arriving Friday November 11th 2005 Around 2:30PM
We plan to arrive around 2 PM Friday afternoon.
I will send arrival details shortly. Very exciting.

REALLY looking forward to it. We will be in around noon on Friday.
We plan on arriving Thursday night Nov 10th.
Got the email, thanks, Looking forward to l'apero!!

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