October 23, 2005

New boule: Obut Bi-pôle

Obut's brand new boules have almost arrived this side of the Atlantic. Actually they are already in the Port of Miami, only awaiting clearance by US Customs.
We will have a few sets at the beach for anyone to try out.
They will be available for purchase in diameters 72, 73 & 74 mm - weights 680 to 730 gr - patterns 1, 2 & 5.

The pattern has a gradual depth. Though hard, resistant to rough terrains and thus long-lasting, their shock absorbing ability is way beyond average. A soft boule with a rough skin, so to speak!


Jeppy said...

GREAT! I'll be interested in trying them out. I need a 2nd set (my AC Bronzes need back-ups).

Jeff W.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Mario uses a remote control device inside his Obut bi-Poles to steer it close to the cochon...

Frouzer said...

i've heard about these remote controllers, i suppose they are pretty expensive but could be worth it.
can you tell me where they can be purchased and how accurate are they?