October 25, 2005

Hurricane Wilma

Here in France I have been glued to CNN and the internet for the last 24 hrs to follow Wilma's destructive path. Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, where most of our friends live really got hit hard.
It would seem that Boca Petanque 2000 and the South Florida Petanque Club were almost, if not right in the eye at one stage.
We wish everyone affected a speedy recovery. I hope you get power back soon. When you do, and have a minute, do send us a line at PetanqueAmericaOpen@Gmail.com or just leave a comment. We will all be happy to hear from you.
Very best to all,

Update 10/25
Mario - aka Super Mario - in Miami is fine. Lost lots of shingles, no power. At home, preparing the court markers for the tournament.
Juan in Miami got his power back. Little damage. At home, waiting for his petanque court to dry so he can do some more training!
Update 10/26
Mario got power back at home. Our office is fine, just waiting for lights to come on. I am e-mailing customers from France. Long live internet, and FPL!

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