October 6, 2005

German team coming

Alexander Bauer and Manfred Kuhn, both from Bavaria, have just registered. Alexander is also Vice President of the German Petanque Federation. They will send us some more info about their club and tournament experience shortly.
has the world's 6th largest petanque federation, with abt. 13,000 members (Dec 2003).

Which are the other top 10 petanque countries?
France, as expected, with 406,000
Spain: 32,000
Thailand: 26,000
Algeria: 20,000
the Netherlands: 18,000
Belgium: 12,000
Morocco: 8,500
Sweden: 7,000
Japan: 5,000

Complete statistics at 12/31/03 - for all 62 member countries - are here, on the website of the International Petanque Federation.

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