October 1, 2005

French team coming

We’re expecting quite a team from France :

Jean-Pierre Jardinet and Michel Faurant. Together they placed second in The Poitou Charente League in 1998, they won the Coupe de la Vienne in 2000, and won the First International Tournament in Moscow in 2003.
This year Jean-Pierre has reached quarter finals in several Paris tournaments. Originally from Confolens (Charente), he is now a member of Arènes de Lutèce, one of the very few clubs in the heart of Paris (5th arrondissement). They play in this awesome location, the remnants of a Roman amphitheater built in the 1st century.

Jean-Pierre is an IT manager for Orange, the mobile phone company and speaks English fluently. In his spare time he is also an editor for Boulistenaute.com, a fast growing online petanque magazine (in French).

Update: Jean-Pierre says they often get American tourists who come and play with them at their arena. Maybe we should take advantage of him being in Miami to set up a "Boules weekend in Paris" trip!


Jeppy said...

Incredibly exciting. I hope I have a chance to play against this team. I'm going to learn ALOT about boule!

Jeppy said...

Boule in Paris? Now you're talking! I just need a little time to pony up the money for the trip!

lionel said...

Good luck for the French team :-)

Congratulations for the organization of this event !

Our translated site: http://translate.google.com/translate?langpair=fr|en&u=http://www.boulistenaute.com

The webmaster of boulistenaute.com

Blaireau said...

JP, crowned adventurer, after Moscow you will foam Miami !

And for Lionel, I remain still a little in the Team ( Mdrr = Mort of laughing )

Anonymous said...

The Hans and Tom Show plans to attend. We welcome the gaulic competition. Maybe they can teach us how to make a proper "Croque monsieur". In return,we'll take some time to show them the finer aspects of Petanque.