September 9, 2005

Michigan Petanque Club Challenges Detroit Petanque Club

Last night I (Jeff Widen - D.P.C.) received a phone call from Joe and Ken (Michigan Petanque Club) which amounted to a bit of a challenge. They claimed that they could easily beat our team and made the point by putting up Joe's OBUT Super-Cou boules as DPC's prize if we won.

Now I'm sure Joe was NOT in his right mind when he made that challenge. Especially since those particular Super-Cou's were a beloved gift to him. But -- I'll give him a chance to retract (exchange) the prize under the clear light of day.

Let's look at the situation: I practice on a surface close to Miami's terrain (Renaissance Petanque Terrain), 5 days a week - every week. And play petanque 6 maybe 7 times a week. Joe plays 2, maybe 3 times a week -- and never on Miami-esque surfaces. Ken is playing with new boules which he's not used to. His throwing will be way off. Don and I will be using our tried and true bronze Integrales. November 12th & 13th will be interesting.


Jeppy said...

Not to mention that Joe and Ken (after partying all night with Mario and the gang) might sleep through the tournament - a forfeit means SUPER-COU to D.P.C.

lennyingals88786781 said...
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