August 30, 2005

Don and Jeff are very excited about playing in this Miami Beach event. The location is by-far the best (especially for November).

"We're going to try for the Gold, but if we beat the Michigan Petanque Club, that'll be good enough for us," bragged Jeff Widen, President of the DPC, "heck, we challenged those guys [MPC] to the Mid-West Boule Cup and we beat them 5 out of 5 games straight!"


Anonymous said...

That's true, but we were educating some first timers on our team...And you guys had a trained dog who was always moving the bouchon. Brag all you want on the BLOG - in Miami, you guys are gonna get shark bit.

Jeppy said...

I don't know what's in that "water bottle" you're drinking kiddo, but your noodle ain't work'n right. DPC is taking this entire event. Don't cross the Downriver Rats or you'll get bit!

Frouzer said...

where do I get this dog?