July 24, 2008

Petanque in Albion, CA

Here's a report from Toby in Albion, on the NW Coast of California. He's right about the court being awesome. Thanks for sharing! And thanks to all the people in area code 707 who order boules from us.

A few weeks ago you and I spoke about our Petanque group in Albion, California that meets each Tuesday Morning. We have a pretty regular group of 8 - 12 boulers each week. On Bastille Day (July 13), the Ledford House Restaurant, where our home court is, hosted an all-day event with bistro food, wine and a tournament with 16 teams from Mendocino, Albion and Willits. Of course, those reprobates from Willits swept the honors (as usual) ... Holy Cow, are they good! I will post pictures of that day and event later.

Here we are Mendocino's Finest, boules and all. The pictures are from yesterday at our weekly outing. These folks, believe it or not, are the backbone of the Mendocino Coastal Communities, even though we look like muggers, thuggers and thieves. I am the handsome guy in the red Petanque America hat.

We feel that we have the most beautiful Petanque court in America ... maybe the world. It overlooks the scenic Pacific Ocean, Salmon Cove and Salmon Point. As I mentioned before, you are always welcome to visit, we will provide accommodations and loads of scenic and cultural events.

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