July 6, 2012

Chefs & boules

Eric Ripert  &  Anthony Bourdain playing petanque in the Hamptons.


Smudge said...

A great example of why Petanque is such a pathetic failure in the United States. Let's get all excited that a couple of rich guys throwing boules for a few minutes.

Celebrities don't give a damn about Petanque - they do whatever they think appeals to the camera, next week it will be Bocce or nude midget wrestling.

Get some pride and support grassroots Petanque. Leave pandering to celebrities to reality TV show junkies.

If you really need these two clowns to make you feel good about Petanque then you should find another sport.

Anonymous said...

"Pathetic failure?" I don't know where YOU live, "Smudge" but we in California are having a great time growing the sport!